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Vanessa Rowe

Vanessa Rowe has always had a fascination for tigers and she still remembers the first time witnessing one up close, in the flesh. Although this was in a zoo when it walked past the viewing window, it gave her shivers and she felt in awe to be so close to a magnificent animal. A few years later, Vanessa became a zookeeper and was looking after Sumatran Tigers. Even over 12 years experience looking after big cats, Vanessa has never lost the humbling feeling of being in the presence of such a powerful and beautiful creature.

Looking after Sumatran Tigers in particular inspired her to go to Sumatra for and see what was involved in tiger conservation. In 2011, she participated in a tiger patrol with the Tiger Conservation and Patrol Unit (TPCU) funded by 21st Century Tiger and based in Kerinci Seblat National Park. Tiger habitat covers vast mountainous areas and the challenges involved with protecting these areas are many. Statistics prove that the work the TPCU does is helping and tiger numbers have increased in this national park.


Vanessa is currently Head Keeper at Kamo Wildlife Sanctuary in New Zealand in charge of co-ordinating the care of 27 exotic feline species. Vanessa has over 12 years experience working with big cats and many other exotic species, the majority of this spent at Hamilton Zoo where she developed a deep passion for Sumatran Tigers.

Vanessa is now dedicated to the conservation of Sumatran Tigers which led her to form Stay Wild Tiger Protection Trust. Vanessa has worked with RAW as a experienced Tour Leader for over 4 years.


Vanessa explains ā€œIā€™m very excited to teach people about tiger conservation and be a part of a tour that contributes directly to helping tigers.ā€


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