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Lauren Booth

Lauren is Team Leader of Carnivores at Auckland zoo where she has developed a deep passion for conservation. She has travelled extensively overseas for conservation based work including to Taplejung, Nepal with Red Panda Network and also to Cheetah Outreach in South Africa. Her work gives her immense satisfaction and she feels privileged to be one of few who work with many threatened and endangered species, some of which are native to Sumatra. This inspires her to connect others with wildlife, to help develop understanding of the issues affecting many species, and through this help create a future for them in their natural home.
Lauren loves being a part of the Raw team as their eco-adventures are an amazing way to connect people with wildlife whilst helping them to understand some of the wider issues that species such as orangutans are facing. These tours do this in a way that also empowers our guests to feel hopeful and powerful in being able to be a part of the solution.

Lauren loves that each day is a unique experience with surprises around every corner. Lauren can guarantee there will be moments of awe, humour, and understanding that come together to make this time never to be forgotten, and results in Sumatra having a special place in your heart forever.

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