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Christie Reeves

Christie Reeves is a qualified dog trainer and owns and runs a successful dog daycare and pet care services business at Hairy Hounds Playground and Onsite Pet Care Services. Christie has been in the animal industry for fifteen years, starting with small companion animals at the Lost Dogs Home in Victoria and then starting her own pet care services business before acquiring Hairy Hounds Playground a few years ago.

Christie has been and continues to be an advocate for all animals, opening her heart to help any stray that comes her way. She actively campaigns against puppy farming, promoting the ‘adopt, do not shop’ philosophy.

After organising a Trivia Night to raise money for SOCP in 2014, Christie made the life changing trip to North Sumatra to see these gorgeous creatures up close and this renewed her love for these primates and fuelled her determination to raise money to help them return to the wild. The community spirit she encountered from the locals in North Sumatra also inspired her to continue to help their plight.

Christie has been appointed an Earth 4 Orangutans Committee member and has contributed to more fundraising events since her return to Australia. She continues to help raise awareness through her business networks, friends and local community, to support the Orangutan Haven and its development.

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