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The Sungai Wain forest protection page is an international awareness campaign to support the Sungai Wain forest and its protectors, which consist of a dedicated team of conservationists and rangers to ensure the forest is protected from deforestation, forest fires and illegal trade by stopping poaching in the forest.

The Sungai Wain Protection forest in Balikpaan, East Kalimantan, Indonesian Borneo is a relatively small but vital area of forest, a big reason for this is that it supplies the people of Balikpapan 25% of their freshwater needs.

It is the last example of primary lowland rainforest in the Balikpapan-Samarinda area and recently 1,385 ha of adjacent forest has been added to Sungai Wain forest as an extension.


The Sungai Wain forest is home to many Bornean lowland rainforest species which include many endemic species which include all 8 hornbill, one of which, the Helmeted Hornbill is being poached to extinction, 9 species of primate including the Borneo Orangutan which was reintroduced in the 1990s and all 5 Borneo cat species, the Bay cat being endemic to Borneo and extremely rare and the Fat-headed cat which has been rarely sighted as it prefers lowland forest which has been severely impacted by deforestation. It is also home to the endemic and extremely rare Bornean Ground Cuckoo and Peacock pheasant.

The main threats to SWPF consist of forest fires, which have become more intense over the last decade, encroachment and deforestation by immigrants due to over population in the region and poaching of mammals and birds due to SWPF becoming the last refuge for many of these species due to its landscape.


By protecting this forest we will ensure the continued protection for several hundred thousand inhabitants of Balikpapan, in the form of freshwater and the continued survival of the last complete lowland rainforest ecosystem in the region.

We have the chance to strengthen forest protection to detect and prevent encroachment, deforestation, poaching of mammals and birds and maintenance of the area. We can also help to safeguard the SWF by preparing and maintaining firebreaks and extinguishing sub-surface coal fires. It will also allow the team to monitor the ecosystem to the best of their abilities to make sure the health and integrity is well through monitoring of populations and research.