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You can help build the Orangutan Haven & Wildlife Conservation Education Centre

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Earth 4 Orangutans is the international awareness campaign raising funds to support the Orangutan Haven and Wildlife Conservation Education Centre. The Orangutan Haven will be the first of its kind. Its development will achieve a number of important conservation goals vital for a more positive and sustainable future for Northern Sumatra's people, wildlife and environment.

Architect's impression of Orangutan Haven Island
(Zoological Architect impression of an Orangutan Haven island - Stuart Green)

The Orangutan Haven will provide a refuge for rescued orangutans who for reasons of health or disability caused by human impact are unable to be released back into the wild. These orangutans currently reside in 6m x 6m quarantine cages at the SOCP Centre and this orangutan refuge, by way of moated islands developed from natural habitat, allows these orangutans, who can live up to 60 years old, to roam freely and live enriching lives while still receiving the long-term care they need. Importantly, this development is open to the public allowing visitors to witness first hand the negative impact their actions have on the lives of orangutans - an important step in engaging local participation in conservation.

The second purpose of Orangutan Haven is to promote the protection and preservation of native wildlife and their surrounding environment through education to influence a change in attitude and behaviour towards animal welfare, as well as demonstrate sustainable agriculture practices to encourage employment outside industries exploit the land.

In addition, the development of Orangutan Haven will provide local employment, protect the host of native wildlife species that live within and around the 46 hectare site, as well as protecting Medan's main water source - the ecosystem which provides life to the area - from commercial development.

Once developed, it is envisaged Orangutan Haven will become a top eco tourist attraction operating on visitation revenue. Funds are desperately needed to make Orangutan Haven a reality.

How can you help?

The first step in development is to secure suitable land. You can help by virtually acquiring blocks of land in Northern Sumatra for a donation where all proceeds go directly to the Orangutan Haven development! You will also receive a certificate, orangutan bio and updates on the progress on the orangutan you support and Orangutan Haven.