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The Sunday Age - Islands of sanctuary for endangered orangutans

20-Jan-2013 (Article) AN AMBITIOUS project, led by a Melbourne zookeeper, to create a series of man-made islands for sick and injured orang-utans in Indonesia, is a step closer after an Australian fund-raising drive. Read More

Zart Art Magazine - Learning About Wildlife Conservation and Community Development Through Art

15-Jan-2013 (Article) In 2013, the Australian curriculum will focus on Australia’s engagement with Asia and Sustainability. Students will develop knowledge and understanding of Asian societies, cultures, beliefs and environments, and the connections between the peoples of Asia, Australia, and the rest of the world. Read More

The Guardian - Orangutans rescued as haven takes shape in the wilds of Sumatra

17-Oct-2013 (Article) An Australian-led project will create a groundbreaking sanctuary for sick and injured orangutans in Indonesia, with the aim of changing attitudes of the country's decision makers towards rainforest and animal conservation. Read More

Dateline - Ape Rescue

04-Sep-2012 (Video) Vast swathes of land on the Indonesian island of Sumatra have been cleared for palm oil plantations and the native wildlife has been left with nowhere to go. Read More

- Eco tourism helps save Indonesian Orangutans

08-Mar-2012 () Eco-tourism is the new buzz in the tourism industry, and so it should be, as tourists stamp their eco-footprint around the globe. Read More

- Eco-tourism does its bit to help save the Sumatran Orangutan

08-Mar-2012 () The Sumatran Orangutan is critically endangered. In 2004, between 4000 and 6000 lived in the wild in Sumatra, down to less than 14% of its population 60 years ago. Read More

Digital Journal - Indonesian court orders Aceh Governor to revoke palm oil permit

07-Sep-2012 (Article) After months of pushing Aceh governor Zaini Abdullah to investigate the illegal issuance of a palm oil permit to company PT Kallista Alam, an Indonesian court finally grants an appeal by conservation groups to cancel the permit. Read More

The Sunday Age - Melbourne wildlife warrior improves the lives of imperiled orangutans

20-Jan-2013 (Article) Melbourne wildlife warrior improves the lives of imperiled orangutans Read More

The Age - Motorbikes to Apes Rescue

11-Sep-2012 (Article) THE conservation link between orang-utans and motorbikes may at first seem a bit of a stretch. Read More

Sydney Morning Herald - New role for drones - wildlife, eco conservation

19-Aug-2012 (Article) They're better known as stealthy killing machines to take out suspected terrorists with pinpoint accuracy. But drones are also being put to more benign use in skies across several continents to track endangered wildlife, spot poachers and chart forest loss. Read More

ABC - Orangutans as teachers

03-Sep-2012 (Article) With their flame red hair, bald, boggle-eyed infants and human-like ability to play and grapple tools, the orangutan, Asia's only great ape, is a perennial favourite of sponsored adoption programs, zoo visitors and eager backpackers. Read More

- Retirement Islands for Orangutans

13-Mar-2012 () An innovative plan to create man-made islands for sick and injured orangutans in Indonesia. Read More

Digital Journal - Surgery lets blind orangutan see her twins for the first time

31-Aug-2012 (Article) Medan - 'Gober,' is an elderly, blind, female Sumatran orangutan who has never seen her 18-month-old twins. Thanks to groundbreaking cataract surgery, the ape will hopefully see her babies for the very first time. Read More

Star News - Swinging into action

28-Aug-2012 (Article) Yarraville resident Jessica McKelson is one of the founding partners behind the Earth 4 Orangutans project, an initiative to develop man-made islands for orangutans too ill or injured to be released back into the wild. Read More

- The plight of the orangutans on the Grapevine

11-Sep-2012 () Audio: With so few Sumatran orangutans left in the wild it has fallen on passionate individuals like zoologist Dr Ian Singleton to fight for their conservation. Read More

- The Project - Interview with Dr Singleton

11-Sep-2012 () Tuesday 7th September 2012, Interview with Dr Singleton Read More

- Zookeepers plan to build islands for orang-utans

08-Mar-2012 () MELBOURNE Zoo staff are spearheading an ambitious plan to create four man-made islands in Samatra to host the Indonesian Island's population of sick and injured Orang-utans. Read More