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1. Unsustainable Palm Oil is impacting the Sumatran Orangutan habitat. Palm oil is an ingredient that is used in nearly half of the products that we use. Often it is not labelled so YOU are unable to make an informed choice. You can make a change by sending a personal message and signing the campaign to the makers of your favourite products, by visiting Unmask Palm Oil.  CLICK HERE to make a CHOICE


There are many alternative products which are not using palm oil as an ingredient. E40 encourages you to use the following brands which are committed to palm oil free products or sourcing traceable 100% Certified Sustainable Palm Oil:

  • Aware / Orange Power: Australian owned. Detergents, Cleaning products for the kitchen, bathroom, living and laundry. 
  • Ecobasik: Based in New Zealand needing laundry, dishwashing, detergent and personal care products. 
  • Clean Conscience: Based in Tasmania and can deliver anywhere. Cleaning, laundry and soap products.


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Unsustainable Palm Oil Development below at Tripa Swamp Forest, West Aceh Sumatra Indonesia