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Orangutan Haven & Wildlife Education Centre Development

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July 2015

Over the past 12 months, the Orangutan Haven has been busy focusing on the Sustainable Agriculture production. This has commenced with opening up 2 main nurseries. Whilst the permits for keeping wildlife at the Haven are being processed with the government, staff have been busy working with the current agriculture on the land to maximise some income and reinvest this back into the local community employment.

To date, the two nurseries have started to propagate Salak Trees. These trees will be used for the border security of the Haven. Salak palm trees have large spikes and will contain people from entering over time.

The other products being produced organically include peppers, long beans, durian plants, cucumbers, chills, bananas, pineapples, egg plant and star fruit. The method used contain NO fertiliser, but instead natural compost. The program has opened up a natural compost bay, where all the organic waste material is processed and reused for the gardens. The SOCP Quarantine Station for orangutans, is also offering the natural waste to be used around the bottom of the plan oil trees, to maximise the fruit production. This community stainable agricultural stage is a part of the Stage 1 development and will see in the next few months, the tress for the Orangutan Islands being propagated. 





July 17 2013

Stuart Green, Zoological Planner and Landscape Architect visits the Orangutan Haven project site

Stuart Green is a principal landscape architect of Green & Dale Associates, a Melbourne based company, in Australia. Stuart has been chosen as the planner and architect for the Orangutan Haven. He brings expertise in environmental site planning and zoo exhibit design to the Orangutan Haven team. 

Visualisation of the plan for the four islands

"The Orangutan Haven development is an exciting challenge with provides an opportunity to work with Dr Ian Singleton and Jess McKelson. The design philosophy for the project is driven by strong messages to protect the Orangutan. The site for the Orangutan Haven is a large magnificent intact rainforest habitat, yet close to one of Indonesia's largest cities, Medan. For a long time the campaigns for the Orangutan’s survival have highlighted the plight of the Orangutans habitat in far away North Sumatra, Aceh and Kalimantan. This project brings the Orangutan directly to the doorstep of the thriving population of Medan, where a better understanding of the issues of wild animal trade and habitat loss needs to conveyed.

The site contains a wonderful array of rainforest species, with the magnificent Durian tree dominant. The high ridges and undulating nature of the landscape form a wide range of habitat for the Orangutan and future endangered species. An extensive survey of the site was undertaken during the 2 week visit, including identification of the Stage 1 development area, which included site facilities, access/visitor tracks and the site of the Orangutan Valley. It can truly be said ‘you need to be an Orangutan to get around the site’! The need to create intricate habitat landscapes is not required, as they already exist. The challenge for design is to retain and conserve the existing habitat of the 47 hectares of land, developing built facilities in disturbed or open areas. Equally as important is the site’s location within the Medan region’s watershed, an asset that has to be protected at all cost.

Finally, this project is exciting as it represents a move away from the zoo’s captive habitat and conservation programmes, to the battlefront of saving the Orangutan and the biodiversity found in North Sumatra, by  informing urban populations to develop better attitudes and support for the native forests and the survival of the Orangutan. On a personal note I have given up my craving for Kit Kat’s and have become addicted to Aceh Coffee!"

~ Stuart Green