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About Earth 4 Orangutans

Earth 4 Orangutans is an international fundraising and awareness campaign to support habitat protection within Sumatra and Kalimantan Indonesia, in particular buffer zone areas that foster strategic solutions alongside the local communities, to protect wildlife and natural environments.  The E40 Campaign is aiming to purchase community buffer zone land that is in desperate need to be safe guarded for future wildlife rainforest corridors that connect to National Park areas. This E40 campaign also supports grassroots communities which are working in conservation habitat protection units by directly aiming to employ them to protect their rainforest backyard. The team at E40 are also strategically supporting economic solutions, whilst up skilling local communities along the buffer zone regions and directly supporting, training and implementing ecotourism as an alternative income.
These program developments will achieve a number of important conservation goals vital for a more positive and sustainable future for Northern Sumatra and Kalimantan people, wildlife and environment.  Read more

Project Team

 Jess McKelson

E40 Founder | Director
Jessica McKelson is Co-Founder of Earth 4 Orangutans campaign, Founder Director of Raw Wildlife Encounters and Supervisor of the Batu Rongring Land for Wildlife Program and on-ground supervisor for The Rangers of Tangkahan program. Jessica developed a deep passion for animal conservation during a confronting visit to Indonesia’s orangutan habitats in 2003 and since then has devoted her life to saving the species from extinction.



Lucy Catt

E40 Sumatran Land Coordinator

Stuart is a principal of Green & Dale Associates, a Melbourne based company, in Australia. He brings expertise in environmental site planning and zoo exhibit design to the Orangutan Haven team. Stuart has over 15 years experience in the planning and design of major zoos and parks in Australia and overseas. 




Jenna Hollamby

E40 Kalimantan Land Coordinator

Working within Adelaide zoo as a keeper, Jenna has always had a love for animals and the natural world. After visiting Sumatra to work in 2015 and 2016 she was inspired to actively work with the team and community to create, support and educate on positive change for the animals and people who protect them by fundraising and supporting projects and programs in Indonesia and Australia.

Having travelled around the world, Indonesia with its beautifully unique ecosystem, animals and people hold a very special place in her heart and she wants to ensure everyone for years to come can discover its natural beauty, protect and preserve it.


Amy Robbins

The Rangers of Tangkahan Co-Founder

After visiting and working in Sumatra for the past 7 years both through Raw Wildlife Encounters and Auckland Zoo, Amy saw an opportunity to help the communities she works in. The buffer zone of the Gunung Leuser National Park is an incredibly biodiverse ecosystem but under imminent threat. She has close relationships with many of the rangers and saw how passionate they are about patrolling and protecting the forest that she knew she needed to help them find an income to make their dream a realisation.