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Fazhren arrived at the SOCP quarantine in October 2013 after spending a large part of his life in a Malaysian Zoo. As a result of this Fazhren needs to learn the necessary survival skills he’ll need if he is to be released back to the forest in the future. 

The first step in Fazhren’s rehabilitation is the construction of a purpose built ‘bachelor pad’ where he will have the space to move around, nest and feed above the ground – all skills a wild orangutan needs to be successful. SOCP staff will then continue to work with Fazhren in the Orangutan Haven, shaping his skills on the man made islands, and assessing his progress. There will be many hurdles along the way, the first being the cost of construction of the bachelor pad and the second being that Fazhren associates strongly with people, having been around them most of his life. 

Fazhren doesn’t particularly like human males and can act aggressively towards them. However, he is a total softie and loves being in the company of females. This is when we see Fazhren’s true character shine – he is astonishingly gentle and playful, characteristics associated with much younger animals. He enjoys ‘talking’ with his human female carers, also highly unusual and communicates in a low gurgly sound. 

Fazhren is very clever like any orangutan but needs mental and physical stimulation from his environment and enrichment, which his new home will help provide. Not only does Fazhren have personality plus, he also has looks to boot. He is devastatingly handsome with full cheek pads (flanges) and a long beard – characteristics of a fully mature male. He has stunning long hair that changes from ginger to auburn and the most soulful, gentle eyes you could ever look into. 

You can read more about his repatriation from Malaysia here



Fazhren over the last 6 months has been waiting for his new home! This facility has been a long, stressful project which SOCP has managed to raise almost all the funds to develop the new Bachelor Pad - Find out more here.
During the time waiting for his new home, Fazhren still resides in the small Isolation block cages (x4). But the quality is no longer solid and the welfare of Fazhren is compromised. The staff work extremely hard to keep him mentally occupied. Special, custom built puzzle boxes have been installed in each cage for him to work at getting peanuts, jam and other yummy food items out of the box. Director of Quarantine, Jess McKelson, also works hard on animal training program to keep him mentally stimulated and has been shaping his body to get medical based training behaviours, so SOCP can mange Fazhren health for the future.
We hope to see Fazhren moved in the next few months to his new home, where he has a larger space and a private facility to become more active and stimulated, prior to the islands being built.