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Volunteers start in the Orangutan Haven!

Released: 02-Jul-2020

This year, all E40 Fundraising Adventure participants have had a really exciting new program in the Orangutan Haven. Instead of just a short visit and concept plan of the project, Ian Singleton and Jess McKelson from Sumatran Orangutan Conservation Programe (SOCP), have been able to involve all the guests and ensure they leave with dirty hands! Its been such a huge success, the local community have also benefited and embraced the concept. 

Over the 1 1/2hr tour, guests have been able to tour the entire Stage 1 concept plan. Showcasing the island concepts, visiting the organic community organic gardens (you can find out more HERE)  , enjoying a healthy organic lunch (which all produce has come from the Haven gardens) and finally being able to plant 2 x Salak trees around the border of the land.

This is such a great team involvement and really showcases the project extent and importance of why SOCP wants to get the orangutans on islands in the next few years. After this tour concludes, a visit to the SOCP Quarantine Station to meet the animals and other residents in different stages of rehabilitation before release back to the wild.

A big thank you to all E40 Tour participants (and the Wild Jungle Safari with Christie Reeves) who have participated in 2015. Close to $20,000 has been raised from your visits and many many wonderful donations have been received.