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Baseline Ornithological Study

Released: 02-Jul-2020

As a starting baseline study, from 21 to 25 November 2013 the Orangutan Haven area at Sibolangit was visited by Mistar Kamsi and Bas van Balen for an ornithological survey. About sixty bird species were recorded, of which the most noteworthy were a single Malayan Night-heron, and groups of Ashy Minivets.

The majority of birds seen in the area were widespread and common birds of rural area and secondary growth, with near-threatened Red-throated Barbet, and near-threatened Buff-necked Woodpecker as possible, yet to be confirmed exceptions. Sumatran Babbler was the only Sumatran endemic species observed during the survey. The earlier reported presence of Chestnut-necklaced Partridge and Green Iora could not be confirmed.

The plan is to repeat the study regularly to track the changes to birdlife as the development of the Orangutan Haven continues, and hopefully to see more and more birdlife return to the area over time.

Near-threatened Red-throated Barbet Near-threatened Red-throated Barbet
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