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Haven Land Update

Released: 02-Jul-2020


Now that the 46ha of land has been purchased and funds are being steadily raised to start paying back the land loans, it is hoped Stage 1 can commence in early 2014. This will involve construction of islands for Leuser, Tila and Dek Nong as well as an education and ecology centre. Our 46 hectare site sits along a well-travelled, easily accessible main route out of Medan which has a population of 4 million people where the targeted demographic resides.

You can preview a video filmed at Orangutan Haven land and listen to SOCP Conservation Director Ian Singleton talk about 'how critical' this project will be long term for educating the middle class and wealthy Medanese people on wildlife and environments below:

Latest video with Dr Ian Singleton, Director SOCP

Next steps

During 2014, we aim to raise a much-needed $250,000 towards commencing development of the Orangutan Haven. This will really help us kick off the New Year with the development of the Orangutan islands, pathways and access to the islands.

EXCLUSIVE - Name an Orangutan Island Opportunity!

The E40 team is offering Corporate & VIP sponsors the exclusive opportunity to name an orang-utan island if they help support the development of the orang-utan islands. For more information on this exclusive opportunity to name and brand an orang-utan home via a financial sponsorship program, please contact Jessica McKelson.

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