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Haven Land Update Jan 15

Released: 02-Jul-2020

The Orangutan Haven has been undergoing spatial planning as the team prepare food items for planting. Working with the local community, Phase 1 has commenced planting food commodities in areas that will be easily managed, provide maximum crop outputs and in the near future - sales will enable the  money to be placed back into local employment at the Haven.

Food that has currently been planted include pineapple, spinach, sawi and long peanuts. The ecofarming methods at the Haven have started with using organic 100% natural compost, so no fertilisers are used. There will be no tillage and the organic pesticide will help bring the garden to a healthy start! This has been a great local community program, where they are also learning about the benefits of not using fertilisers and at the same time gaining employment opportunities. 

A bamboo hut has also been built for storage of equipment in the garden. This is made of natural bamboo. 

Bamboo planting along the riverbank has also commenced. This bamboo can be used for a number of different things in the near future at the Haven. Including building development, food and nest material for orangutans and currently river restoration.