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Haven News November 2014

Released: 02-Jul-2020

  • The Sumatran Orangutan Conservation Programme (SOCP) has been busily processing the licence for the land title certification and is now waiting on the permit for the conservation status. This may take several months before we can proceed to the next step of development. It has taken over 12 months to date, so we hope it won't take much longer!
  • Ongoing crop management within the land has seen us harvest corn, palm oil, rubber and pineapples in the last few months. All this garden produce is being collected and sold by the local community members, providing an ongoing employment opportunity and a small operation budget to manage the produce.
  • SOCP has also been working on a transport management plan. This is a detailed system of the road networks for Stage 1 of the Haven, including motorbikes, pedestrian and construction vehicles. This report is due out very soon.
  • SOCP has employed an AgriculturalCrop Manager named Harris. Harris will be working on the Haven land overseeing all the current agricultural assets and planning. He has commenced harvesting and tidying up the palm oil plantation at the front of or land, so we can maximise sustainable profits to go back into land erosion activities. Harris will also be adding banana and pineapple plantation to the land, so this can be used in the organic restaurant and for the orangutans in the near future. 
  • SOCP have commenced development of a new station at the Haven, where a small house and fruit shop will start to gain interest with the local tourists. It will be a base to bring people  and volunteers to see the land and vision of the project development. This has commenced, with all building materials naturally sourced from bamboo. 
  • SOCP have also commenced local community socialisation visits. It is important to ensure the local residents that we will involve them from the time the project gets the licence approved. They will benefit from employment opportunities. Regular coffee stops, guests from Raw Wildlife Encounters and staff have been visiting and slowly starting to introduce other people to the area. This has den received positively by the villages. 

Co-Founder Jess McKelson, E40 Social Media Manager Maddison Crocker and local community, 

visiting the Haven land.