Amount Raised to date:

Fundraising update Nov 2014

Released: 02-Jul-2020
  • Earth 4 Orangutans Adventure Tours with Raw Wildlife Encounters - $25,000

    Raw was still able to contribute significantly to the campaign, with all funds raised being sent to the Haven Development.  The final year for Earth 4 Orangutans fundraising tours will be in 2015. Spaces are strictly limited and can be booked here. Join one of our expert wildlife leaders on this exclusive journey to visit orangutans at the SOCP centre and experience all the wonders of the Sumatran jungle as you trek with elephants into wild orangutan habitat.

  • In Your Hands Speaking Tour - $32,000

    Dr Ian Singleton, Director of SOCP, visited  New Zealand and Melbourne, Adelaide Australia, during August, on a speaking tour, promoting the urgency for global action and the need to build the Orangutan Haven Wildlife and Conservation Education Centre. Each tour stop was co-ordinated by various volunteers and supporters of E4O and involved lectures and fundraising events such as a gala, fashion show, auction and merchandise sales. Huge thanks and appreciation to all involved in the organisation of these events! 


  • World Environment Awareness Day, June 5th 2014! 

    WRITE, SHOP, SWITCH and ADOPT were the key actions encouraged on World Environment Day. World Environment Day is the United Nations’ principal vehicle for encouraging worldwide awareness and action for the environment. E4O encouraged supporters to make a difference by WRITING to manufacturers using unsustainable palm oil. The campaign encouraged action and reminded social media users that one person CAN make an impact through what they consume.  

    As well as encouraging the public to change the way they shop, E4O also encouraged supporters to ADOPT Leuser on World Environment Day and switch to greener electricity (Australian residents)

  • Mothers Day with Gober! Adopting with Orangutan Outreach

    Mother’s Day in May was an opportunity to promote Gober and her twins through Orangutan Outreach.  Gober was blind as a result of age related cataracts and was destined for a life behind bars. She was kept company by fellow blind male Leuser, who subsequently fathered twins Ginting and Ganteng. Gober underwent surgery to remove her cataracts and she now has sight and will be released to the wild along with her boisterous twins. 

    May and June were the busiest months for adoptions in 2014 so far. Gober and the twins continue to generate the most revenue from the Build A Sanctuary adoption packages. Leuser is also a popular adoptee and we are looking forward capitalising on his popularity throughout the coming 6 months. 

    Adoptions for Gober, Leuser, Dek Nong and Tila attract worldwide support which is fantastic to see E4O reaching around the globe. Build A Sanctuary adoptions can be purchased here.


Grand total for the last 6 months has been over $60,000 AUD! A brilliant effort