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Haven Development Update

Released: 01-Dec-2014

Concept plans have been drawn up by an experienced landscape and zoo architect Stuart Green of Green & Dale Associates in Melbourne, Australia and are now available for viewing.

Click here to download the Orangutan Haven booklet, with concept plans and layout, key essays about each stage of the development and a visual overview of the project. And for full details also check out our Development page.

International assistance

Presently in Medan we have a Swiss intern for 2 months who is assisting us with developing the project requirements for the education centre as well as the community gardens. This will give us a clear concept plan for each part of the development portfolio for 2014.

EXCLUSIVE - Name an Orangutan Island Opportunity!

To be able to commence Stage 1 of the development of the orang-utan islands, education and ecology centre we need to continue with our fundraising programs. In fact, a minimum of $250,000 is required to commence path, bridge and island development works.

The E40 team is offering Corporate & VIP sponsors the exclusive opportunity to name an orang-utan island if they help support the development of the orang-utan islands. For more information on this exclusive opportunity to name and brand an orang-utan home via a financial sponsorship program, please contact Jessica McKelson.

Stage 1 Plan