Amount Raised to date:

Fundraising Campaigns Update

Released: 02-Jul-2020

Your generosity and continued support of Orangutan Haven and Wildlife Conservation Education Centre has so far raised $434,942!

These funds have been raised through sponsorship and various fundraising activities, events, eco adventure tours with Raw Wildlife Encounters and social and online campaigns. Our orangutan partner, Orangutan Outreach, has raised $8,000 just from America through adoptions of Gober and her twins! 

Private donations totalling $131,500 have also helped us significantly reach this amazing goal!

Here's what we've been up to over the last few months:

  • Have you seen our new Earth 4 Orangutans CrowdRise Fundraising initiative? How could you miss it?  See the big "Make an Impact" widget over on the right of the page!. An easy way to donate or if you fancy doing some fundraising for us, join in and help make an impact...
  • The Cherry Park Altona fundraising dog walk was very successful, with over $2000 being raised on a lovely Sunday morning. Great organising and thanks to our Melbourne E4O team for all their hard work. A special thanks to Christie Reeves form Hairy Hounds Playgroup and Sharon Nelson, Raw Angels coordinator.
  • Adelaide E40 volunteer team hosted a Hunger Games Movie Fundraiser with over $2000 raised; it was a great night with a few drinks, lovely food and great company. A big thank you to our Adelaide E4O team for all their time and effort in organising this very successful night.
  • We recently trialled new Christmas cards, available at REDBUBBLE, with attractive designs featuring beautiful Tila. An inexpensive, thoughtful and unique way to say Merry Christmas to your loved ones, colleagues and customers as well as support the Orangutan Haven. Over $75 was raised from this card initiative. Stay tuned for more cards as well as t-shirts coming soon...
  • Orangutan Caring Week 2013 (9-16 November): Earth 4 Orangutans was active with an awareness campaign to encourage positive action and donations. Each of the three orangutans, Leuser, Tila and Dek Nong, were the models for this week and were promoted across the social media networks. We raised $212 from the Build A Sanctuary promotion during the week.

To see the upcoming events calendar and get involved with fundraising efforts, check out the E40 team events and activities here.