Amount Raised to date:

Bachelor Pad update

Released: 02-Jul-2020

E40 is aiming  to raise $15,000AUS to complete the construction of the bachelor pad. 



A spacious, purpose built enclosure is currently under construction at the SOCP quarantine centre to enable Fazhren & Leuser (our blind male orangutan & resident non-releasable orangutans), to move around more freely, feed and make nests above the ground, all necessary skills they both need as orangutans. Whilst these two Bachelor males are waiting for their new home at the Orangutan Haven, they are maturing and developing very fast, where their strength is now unpredictable. It is the first time SOCP has had large male orangutans in captive environment! Too ensure their welfare needs are met, a new temporary facility specific for large male orangutans, is required urgently.

Funding Support to date:

$50,000 AUD has been raised specifically for this stainless steel enclosure. 

A further $15,000 AUD is required to complete this extremely important facility!

How can you support our efforts? 

Adopt Fazhren and make a special contribution by donating into the SOCP Bachelor Facility for Fazhren PAYPAL LINK

You will receive:

Biography, certificate for your donation and social media image that you can use towards your support. 

* Bachelor Pad Design courtesy of Stuart Green - Green & Dale Associates

Once these two males move to the Orangutan Haven, this enclosure will be used for other wild male orangutans, which are health checked before they are released back to the wild. A much needed orangutan facility! 

Development to Date: 

Currently the off limit holding space has been built at Quarantine, in case an emergency move is required for either Leuser or Fazhren.

It is predicted in March, this facility will continue to be constructed, once the steel work has been sent to Medan.