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Haven Development Update - Q1 2014

Released: 05-Jan-2014

SOCP has been busily processing the licence for the land title certification and are now waiting on the permit for the conservation status. This may take several months before we can proceed to the next step.

Ongoing crop management has seen us harvest corn, palm oil, rubber and pineapples in the last few months. All this garden produce is being collected and sold by the local community members, providing an ongoing employment opportunity and a small operation budget to manage the produce.

Finally, we have also been working on a transport management plan. This is a detailed system of the road networks for Stage 1 of the Haven, including motorbikes, pedestrian and construction vehicles. This report is due out very soon.

Here's some recent photos:

Meeting with vehicle assessment consultantVehicle track assessmentVehicle track assessmentVehicle track assessment

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