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Raw Wildlife Encounters' (RWE) mantra: ‘Imagine, Witness, Explore’ is at the core of everything that we do and everything that we believe in, and nowhere more so than in our community and conservation programs.

RWE has an active presence supporting many conservation initiatives around the globe, including Free the Bears in Cambodia and the Jane Goodall Institute in Uganda. Our main focus though is in Sumatra, Indonesia and the beautiful village of Tangkahan, on the edge of the Gunung Leuser National Park.

Inspired and guided by Founder and Director, Jessica McKelson, Raw Wildlife Encounters has embarked upon a number of programs in North Sumatra where the local community once illegally logged the forests of Tangkahan and hunted the wildlife for financial gain. Upon seeing the damage they were causing to their forest home, the community made the remarkable and inspirational decision to become custodians of the forest and to now protect what they had once consumed.

Today all the Sumatran staff from Tangkahan are ambassadors for other neighbouring villages, such as Batu Katak in Bohorok. Working with a local community to provide eco-tourism and supporting the protection of the limestone habitat from a cement factory exploiting this environment.

All of us at Raw Wildlife Encounters do hope you can join us on this journey and perhaps become a part of our community of Raw Angels, an inspirational group of environmental ambassadors.

Please take a look at the various community and conservation actionsthat we support. Below is a short video promo showing these in action.

Raw Wildlife Encounters Conservation & Community Programs

Raw Wildlife Encounters

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