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All you need to know about The Education Centre in Tangkahan, North Sumatra

Full interview with Jack Oratta on Tangkahan and the Forest Protection Unit

Jack is a Raw Wildlife Encounters Guide and is also one of the forest protection unit staff in Tangkahan, North Sumatra Indonesia, for the local community organisation LPT.

Ika Sitepu talks about Raw Wildlife Encounters and his role

Interview with Raja on 'The Education Centre' Tangkahan, North Sumatra Indonesia

Meet Jack, RWE Leader and Interpreter for LPT local community

Raw Wildlife Encounters is aiming to raise $3800 towards the local community Patrolling Unit. $1,200 has already been raised!

We hope to really get this grass roots conservation patrolling program off the ground in 2014! It's important for the wildlife, forest and local community to protect the backyard and aim to provide information to the forestry department, so the law can be enforced on illegal activities.

We really need your help… contact us for more information

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